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Si has intentado hacer esta tarea y no puedes completarla porque cada vez que intentas obetener el codigo te aparece un error, pues aquí está tu solucion!!

Lo que debes hacer, es abrir el enlace que te lleva al documeto y una vez en Google Académico, haz clic en una flecha en el margen superior izquierdo y haz click en Configuracion. Una vez ahí ve a idioma y por ultimo selecciona Inglés. Luego haz click en guardar, te llevara automaticamente al documento del cual debes obtener el codigo html como la tarea lo indica y cuado pulses “get code” obtendras con éxito el deseado codigo para completarla!

Bueno, espero que te halla servido

Saludos =D

I found a company that pays you for sharing your pictures!

Introducing Leafit, a new social network we call the “IT” app, where YOU can post pictures and get paid.

Make money as you post and view pictures in your social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter Pinterest and Instagram! IT Pays YOU!

Leafit is a game-changing new social networking platform that harnesses the power of profit sharing to let you earn money from the photos you post every day, just by sharing the products you already love with the friends, family and followers you are already connected to.

So while it may still be true that money doesn’t grow on the physical branches of trees, with Leafit you can grow money on the digital branches of your social network.
Leafit is a new social media network that is about to launch.  By becoming an affiliate (FREE!)or associate (SAVE $109 by enrolling by Saturday August 2 2014!!)in Leafit, users will be able to make money with the content they post.

If you are going to post pictures on social media, why not make money from it? Leafit will launch in the first half of July and currently is open only by invite.  By clicking this link, I am inviting you!


Contact me at xillia49@gmail.com for more details or questions.

Download the Leafit App in iTunes Soon! Leaf it app is in beta currently.

Snap It
Take a photo of an item or items you love, or pull one from your photo roll or even the web
Tag It
Describe all the items in the photo with useful keywords

Share It
Post the tagged photo to your Leafit profile for friends and followers to check out!

Leafit connects to all of your existing social networking accounts, so when you post a photo to Leafit, your friends and followers on Facebook, Twitter,

Instagram and Pinterest will see it, too.

With just one more click of a button, they can buy the item, and once they do, a portion of the profit will come back to you!

Snap it, tag it, share it: it’s that simple! And don’t worry, the brands and retailers won’t mind. After all, every photo you share is built-in marketing for them — and they don’t have to lift a finger or pay much more than a cent to get it!

Our snap, tag and share formula may be the heart of the Leafit innovation, but it’s just the beginning!

Here are some other exciting features offered by the Leafit platform:

Profit Tracker
Leafit automatically keeps track of the money you earn, so you can see your earnings and the power of your posts.

With the Leafit Wishlist, when you see an item in your feed that you want but can’t quite afford, you can save it for later. And when it comes time to go shopping for a friend or loved one around birthdays, Christmas or Valentine’s Day, you can find the perfect gift on their Leafit wishlist and get it for them then and there!

Leafit Associates
You can sign up, share photos and start earning money through Leafit free of charge, but if you’re looking to boost your earning ability a bit, for a $40 and $49 per month fee you can become a Leafit Associate and see a profit, not only from the items your friends and followers buy through your photos, but from the items bought through any user in your network up to 9 degrees of separation away!

While Leafit is still in the early stages, we’re making significant strides toward our goal of transforming the way people think about social networking and e-commerce!!
POSITION YOURSELF NOW!! and Be a Part of Something BIG!!! 😉

Nothing has ever been offered like this before get paid to share your pictures with Leafit…


For more details please watch this short video explaining how this work:


Hello, I will show you a new ptc site.

It’s call ZapBux

There are a lo of ways to earn money

  • ZapGrid: Earn Up 5 U$d
  • ZapSafe: Earn Up 10 U$d
  • Scratch: Earn Coins (5000 Coins = 5 U$d)
  • ViewAds: Earn up 0.01 U$d per click
  • Tasks: Earn with crowdflower tasks
  • Rented a Direct Referrals: Earn 50% of referral clicks, the rented referrals AVG it’s very nice, about 2.XX every day
  • Etc

The payment is instant and the procesors accepted are:

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