Test and description of PTC(Paid-to-Click) sites. Learn how to earn $2000+ per month.


Hello, I will show you a new ptc site.

It’s call ZapBux

There are a lo of ways to earn money

  • ZapGrid: Earn Up 5 U$d
  • ZapSafe: Earn Up 10 U$d
  • Scratch: Earn Coins (5000 Coins = 5 U$d)
  • ViewAds: Earn up 0.01 U$d per click
  • Tasks: Earn with crowdflower tasks
  • Rented a Direct Referrals: Earn 50% of referral clicks, the rented referrals AVG it’s very nice, about 2.XX every day
  • Etc

The payment is instant and the procesors accepted are:

Well If you want to enjoy this new ptc site register now!